Posted on 17 January 2014 by Hayley

Gina's Cartoon

The Gluts – Gig and Premier of ‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’ at the Horse Hospital





Come to a very special loved-up valentines premier of our musical documentary ‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’ followed by a unique gig by The Gluts!

We took our DIY eco-electro/absurdo-feminist musical ‘Café Carbon’ to the streets and bars of Copenhagen for the COP 15 Climate Summit in 2009, where we joined other concerned citizens urging governments around the world to act on climate change.

‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’ is a 36 minute record of our dilettante trip to the summit on the specially commissioned Klimate Train, packed with 900 other activists. In the doc you can watch us prepare for the trip; rehearsing our moves and transforming into Gluts. Once at the summit we sing and dance in a bakery, a bar, on the march and in front of police lines: narrowly missing mass arrest. On return to London, disappointed by the outcome of the summit but not without hope, we express our anger in an outpouring of rage in an empty tube carriage.

Includes remixes by Eqyptian DJ Mutamassik and Bruce Gilbert.


The GLUTS perform in London on Sunday!

Posted on 4 December 2013 by Kaffe

True! we will be performing to celebrate the launch of our fabulous DVD, The Complete Works, at the Oto/Lux Christmas Fair, Sunday afternoon 8th December at 2.30pm. Things kick off at noon. DETAILS. Hope to see you!


The Gluts – Complete Works *OUT NOW ON DVD*

Posted on 15 November 2013 by Hayley

DVD cover for The Gluts - Complete Works

“Responding to a global crisis by forming a girl band — what an excellent idea!”

Finally, it’s here!!! The Gluts – Complete Works has been published by LADA and is available to buy through their online bookshop Unbound .

Eco-absurdo-feminists The Gluts – bring you our complete works!

In 2009, fed up with flabby politics and corrupt corporations, we wrote a ton of songs about Climate Change, food and capitalism, which we took to the Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP15). Belting out our songs on trains, marches, in bars, bras and bakeries we learnt our words on the streets of Copenhagen; fluffing our lyrics in front of police lines and narrowly missing mass arrest.

Buy the DVD and try to not be moved by the pathos of our musical documentary  ’The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’; or stop your feet tapping and heads swaying to our pop-videos and live shows, or your hearts swelling to our cartoons and stills. Your ears will be on fire, filled with gutsy gluttish remixes worming their way into your brain; Jem Finer, Simon Fisher-Turner, Bruce Gilbert and DJ Mutamassik we are transformed by you.

Enjoy our DVD!


The Gluts xxx


The Gluts Complete Works – sneak preview

Posted on 8 November 2013 by Hayley

Out next week! The Gluts Complete Works, including The Gluts Go To Copenhagen (documentary of our eco-absurdo-feminist trip to the COP15 climate summit), pop-videos, stills, Gina’s cartoons, rehearsals and live footage of gigs at Whitechapel Art Gallery, Modern Art Oxford, Camden Arts Centre and the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle. The DVD includes some wonderful re-mixes of our songs by Jem Finer, Simon Fisher-Turner, Mutamassik and Bruce Gilbert.


Music and Liberation

Posted on 4 January 2013 by Hayley

We’ve been cybernating… but after a bit of a break The Gluts will be screening some of our video work at the closing event for Music and Liberation at Space Station Sixty Five on Sunday 13th January. The exhibition foregrounds feminists who worked with music as an activist tool in the 1970s and 80s. Kaffe played with The Fabulous Dirt Sisters, who are also featured in the archive/exhibition. You can read more about the Music and Liberation archive which has been co-ordinated by Dr Deborah Withers and Frankie Green here.

Programme for Sunday 13th January


A conversation with Barby Asante, founder of the South London Black Music Archive, and exhibition curator Deborah Withers about community memories, generational transmissions and music. Chaired by Tom Perchard, author of Lee Morgan – His Life, Music and Culture.


Screening of a documentary on The Gluts. Comprising Hayley Newman, Gina Birch and Kaffe Matthews, The Gluts are an all-female troupe of activists/artists/musicians. Followed by a Q&A, and the showing of Gluts’ pop videos.


The Engine Room Festival

Posted on 26 November 2011 by Hayley

We are showing some of our pop videos at The Engine Room Festival, a celebration of the life, works and legacy of Cornelius Cardew at Morley College, London. The exhibition comprises a selection of sonic and visual artworks by established and emerging artists from across the globe. The works share common ground in that we have all been inspired, in some way, by the music or politics of Cornelius Cardew.

The Engine Room Festival & Conference 2011 is organised by Morley College and was kindly supported by the Southbank Centre.


Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics and Ethics

Posted on 8 December 2010 by Hayley

The Gluts screened our documentary ‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’ and some of our pop videos at the conference Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics and Ethics at UCL.


things virtual

Posted on 20 November 2010 by Kaffe

Yes it’s true. We are delighted and honored. We are being remixed by an amazing array of artists including AGF, Bruce Gilbert, Susan Stenger, Neotropic, SFT, Jem Finer and dj Mutamassik. We are steamy with anticipation at the potential results.  Probably a good thing considering these chilly times.


Gorilla Girls

Posted on 1 October 2010 by Hayley

A lovely photo of us just after our Whitechapel Art Gallery gig – with costumes by Mandy McIntosh – we love the crocheted gorilla masks, which remind us of our heroines The Guerilla Girls.


Mo Ar Ox

Posted on 6 September 2010 by Hayley

The Gluts perform Passionfruit Pie live for the first time

Played Modern Art Oxford on friday night. We were in the cafe, which has been recently transformed from a loading bay to a street-facing coffee house designed by Richard Woods. The long and thin space made it difficult to connect to the audience – I found myself constantly looking from left to right and back again (remember the green-cross code?) The sound system was great and there were reports that we managed to stay in tune 60% of the time! We certainly had fun playing and singing.

Held an impromptu auction for the floods in Pakistan in the middle of the set; The Gluts auctioned off (amongst other things) one of our ‘outer’ bras with GLUTS sewn across it.  Unwashed since Copenhagen, a right bargain.

I heard that a few people left during the set because they thought we were parodying the green movement… if you are still out there, we weren’t. If anything, we are parodying capitalism, our part in it and the ecological demise that it has bought with it. We are cracked, contorted and twisted absurdists. Thanks to everyone at MAO for being so kind.



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