The Gluts

The Glut gorges, a bellyful gets bolted and then choked on. Clogging, cloying and congesting on its way down, crammed, devoured and drenched in an engorged, excessive feast. The Glut demands to be filled up, to be flooded and full, ready for more glutting, gluttonizing, gobbling and gorging. A gormandized, gulp-guzzle, greedist is jam-packed; closer to an over brimming overdose than anything else. The Glut is over – overfed, overflowing, overfull, overloaded, overstuffed, overweight and oversupplied. Satiation is never reached; a swamped, sickened, skinful of stodge, stuff and surplus, wolfed down without giving a shit. Beware the gobby glut who fills a gape – Resisto Glutonis!

The Gluts against the cuts!

The Gluts resist the current dismantling of culture and our welfare state – market-led solutions, corporate greed, millionaire government types, capitalism and their roles within climate change and its ongoing effect on our world and people. We want life, not death: education not poverty: fulfillment not oppression. We want libraries with books in them, a healthy health service and a global commons for everyone to share and enjoy, now and in the future!



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